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Order from Bulk

Ordering all your supplements, snacks and spices from Bulk just got easier. Why? Below is a chart to guide you through the ordering process quickly with a simple click of your mouse you can order all ten items in less than five minutes of your time.

Below we show you all the items needed for "My 60-Day Planner." These supplements, snacks and spices were covered in the E-Book's first ten chapters.

Ordering from Bulk
Click on the product information to get you directly to the website page at Bulk From there order the product size as shown on the chart and your done. Go to the next item and repeat the process until all ten items have been purchased.
ProductOrder AmountCostComments
4½ lb. Jar
Heavy Metal Detoxifier
5 lb. Jar
Shrinks Cancer Tumors
Raw Almonds
5 lb. Bag
Best Snack Food Period!
5 lb. Bag
Anti-Cancer Spice
Calcium Citrate
5 lb. Bag
Important Mineral for Body
Magnesium Citrate
5 lb. Bag
Crucial Mineral for Health
* Raw Honey
40 oz. Jar
Miracle Foodf; Anti-tumor properties
Grey Celtic Sea Salt
5 lb. Bag
High mineral content, use with alkaline water therapy
Premium Cinnamon
1 lb.
Controls blood Sugar Levels
Cayenne Pepper
1 lb.
Anti-Cancer Spice
* Raw Honey is shown above if you cannot find a lower cost from your local Farmers Market Store.

Total Cost of all ten items listed above is approximately $360. Shipping costs are only $5.00.

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