How to Restore Your Health from Cancer

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What is the cause of prostate cancer? As we mentioned earlier and in my E-Book, most cancers especially prostate are caused by “deeply embedded fungal condition.” A fungus is a parasite from yeast, molds, and mushrooms that will wreck havoc with your body once it gains access to your blood system. Once inside your blood system fungus is difficult to diagnose because the spores are not easily detectable by your Doctor. As a general rule I use----- “Your cancer is a fungus unless proven otherwise.”

So how does your E-Book help
me with My Prostate Cancer?

I educate you on making the positive choices in order to restore your health. In Chapter 1 of my E-Book “Our Toxic World” you will discover the cause of prostate cancer “Why is My Body Toxic” and “What are Some Healthy Choices you can make.”

In Chapter 2 of my E-Book “Your Toxic Body and Cancer” you will discover the relationship between the Toxins in your body and Cancer. All toxins are acidic to the body. Your body must find a way to expel the toxins before they can do damage. When the toxins begin to accumulate faster then you can eliminate them they begin free radical damage to your cells. This is the beginning stage of cancer. A major cause of prostate cancer is the build-up of toxins in your body tissues.

So how do I remove Toxins from my body?

Remove the cause of prostate cancer---- stop exposing your body to fungus and its toxic mycotoxins! How do I do this? You must first reduce substantially (at least 90%) of the amount of toxins going into your body. Second, eat and drink foods that contribute to good health while killing your fungus causing cancer.

In Chapter 3 of my E-Book “Natural Treatments for Cancer” I tell you 18 ways to beat this disease and include them in Chapter 12 of my E-Book “My 60-Day Planner.”

While cancer is very deadly to you, it cannot survive in an oxygen (alkaline) environment. Cancer only survives in your body where toxins accumulate. Remove this cause of prostate cancer by flooding your body with oxygen and send your cancer running out of your body. In my E-Book Chapter 3 -- I recommend you drink therapeutic Alkaline Water as one important key to restoring your health.

What else is in your E-Book?

In Chapter 4 "Anti-Cancer Diet" I focus on what food and drinks you must avoid and the food and drinks allowed in "My 60-Day Planner". I tell you why you must avoid carbonated beverages, alcoholic drinks, coffee, bottled processed fruit juices, and milk. I tell you the five drinks allowed on the "Anti-Cancer Diet."

I give you a list of "Anti-Fungal Foods" to eat that will kill your fungus causing cancer. Remember the cause of prostate cancer is............. a "deeply embedded fungal condition." I focus only on the foods and drinks that will eliminate your cause of prostate cancer.

In addition to the "Anti-Cancer Diet" in Chapter 5 I focus on "Supplementation". I list 15 important supplements and tell you why they are so important and include in "My 60-Day Planner". These supplements are keys to winning the battle against the cause of prostate cancer.

I am on "Chemo", Does your E-Book help me?

Yes. My nutritional program reduces the adverse side effects of your chemotherapy. The toxins from the chemo are quickly eliminated by the supplements required in "My 60-Day Planner."

Remember chemo is very toxic to your body. It does a great job killing your cancer but it also depresses your already compromised immune system. You need a healthy responsive immune system to overcome your cancer. How does your E-Book help build my immune system?

We focus on eliminating the toxins from your body through supplementation and nutrition. The "Anti-Cancer Diet" is your guide to eating and drinking the right foods that will build your immune system.

If you follow "My 60-Day Planner" with your chemo treatments you will experience:

1. a quicker recovery,
2. reduced side effects (nausea, hair loss etc)
3. an increase in immune response,
4. and better health sooner.

Why Should I Trust You?

I tell you why you are sick. I tell you how to get better by avoiding the foods and drinks that cause fungus to invade your body. I tell you what foods and drinks are anti-fungal which will kill your cancer. I tell you how to protect your home with a air purifier that kills mold and fungus. I offer you an alternative to the "Standard American Diet" a diet that is responsible for feeding your fungus causing cancer.

If you follow “My 60-Day Planner” outlined in Chapter 12 without fail, your chances of beating this disease are at least 90% (If PSA is less than 100 or you are in stage 1 or 2).

What if I am Terminal at Stage 4
Does Your E-Book Help Me?

Yes, time is of the essence though and you will need more than just the E-Book. You will need personal one-on-one guidance based on your current condition. The more advanced the cancer the more toxins that must be removed for your immune system to respond and bring you back to health.

Beating your cancer is not the difficult part. Removing the toxins that were the cause of prostate cancer is the difficult part. At Stage 4, your immune system is basically unresponsive. Any heavy detoxifying can cause too much of the accumulated toxins to be released into your lymph system, a system that is overburdened already. This can cause organ failure including death.

I need help but my Doctor says "there is nothing we can do anymore." The cancer has spread to other parts of my body and I don't know where to turn? What should I do?

I am not a Doctor. I do research. So how does your research help me? We should stop treating symptoms which is the current approach used by our medical establishment. What is your approach? First, and most important, determine the cause of your cancer. Was it from the foods or drinks you consumed? Was it from your moldy home? Were you or are you taking prescription antibiotics?

Second, eliminate all sources of toxins and fungus. If you have a moldy home install special filters to remove the airborne fungus. Go on the "Anti-Cancer Diet" and take supplements that fight your fungus causing cancer. In my E-Book we tell you step-by-step how to do this.

You must understand there is no drug or supplement that is going to magically cure you. The whole body approach is used in my E-Book. What does that mean? Diet, exercise, toxins, sleep pattern, prayer, digestion, supplementation, etc..... are just a few keys I focus on in "My 60-Day Planner" to rejuvenate your body and send the cancer running from you.

You stated that "time is of the essence" when you are in Stage IV but what is your approach for me? When your cancer is advanced your immune system can no longer keep up with its fight. You need to boost your immune system while killing off the fungus causing cancer. Here is the game plan for Stage IV.

1. Educate yourself and read my E-Book!
With education and knowledge you will get the confidence to take charge of your health.

2. Ask questions. Use the new feature "Contact Us" on this website to get your questions answered. You don't have to identify your name or give out personal information.

3. After you have read the E-Book and still have more questions because your just not sure what strategy is right for you. Just ask your question!

4. Remember, "time is of the essence" when your cancer is in Stage IV. I recommend Personal consultation and guidance. One-on-one is important to obtain a strategy.

5. The longer you wait, the sicker you get, and the harder it is for recovery. Don't procrastinate!

6. At Stage 4, I don't follow the E-Book entirely because time is of the essence.

7. Keys to winning the battle so late in the game are killing your fungus first, so no more mycotoxins can be produced removing this cause of prostate cancer

8. Quickly and safely attempt to remove the toxin build-up that was another cause of prostate cancer

9. Build your immune system through detoxification and supplementation

10. Liquid high quality juice fast to lesson the burden to your body of the digestion process helping your burdened immune system

Some of the keys to your success at Stage 4 are drinking the Alkaline Water to flood your body with oxygen while energizing your cells with the liquid nutritional supplement. Detoxify your body with the Alkaline Water, Natural Cellular Defense, Antioxidant Blend and the Budwig Protocol with sunshine on your body. The daily sauna is very important part of your detox. Perspiring is required to remove the toxins from your lymph system. Drinking your Alkaline Water and perspiring are keys to overcoming your cause of prostate cancer.

What is the Cost of Your E-Book?

The cost of my E-Book is only $199. However, for the month of December & January you can obtain this book for free. Yes, that is right, FREE. See the details below.

You will get over 300 pages of important data to conquer your cause of prostate cancer and restore your body to health. Follow “My 60-Day Planner” without fail and watch your body slowly rejuvenate by eliminating the toxins that have accumulated while building your depleted immune system. In addition to the E-Book, we offer personalized services for those who need more guidance.

What are Your Personalized Services?

We offer E-Mail, Cell Phone and Personal One-on-one weekend consultation. Below are the costs for the various plans --- if interested please select the plan that you need. Some people may need constant consultation when cancer is more advanced while some may not need any when they are in the early stages of cancer. One suggestion I have for you, purchase the E-Book first and read it thoroughly twice, then decide whether you need the personalized services.


If you purchase this service you may E-Mail me your questions on anything regarding my E-Book and your Cause of Prostate Cancer. As soon as you purchase this service you will receive a private E-Mail Address for you to use. You have unlimited use and it will last the entire duration of “My 60-Day Planner.” Ask any question related to your prostate cancer. How soon will you respond to my E-Mail? Within 24 hours from the date you sent the E-Mail.

Why do you charge for this service? It takes a great deal of time and energy to answer your individual questions. If I didn’t charge for this service I couldn’t keep up with the E-Mails reducing the quality of service. I need to charge for the individual attention you need but I have also discounted the E-Book so I can get it to as many people in need as possible.

Cell Phone

If you purchase this service you may call me direct to my personal cell phone. There is no limit to the number of calls in “My 60-Day Planner.” The advantages of calling direct are many.

1. The information exchange is quicker and easier.
2. You get your answers sooner
3. You get your answers on target
4. You can follow up an answer with another question

Cell Phone service includes E-Mail service also. When you pay for this service you will receive a private Cell Phone number to call me during my office hours. In addition, you will also receive a private E-Mail address to use.

Personal One-on-one

Two days in your home with 24-Hour consultation is available for those who need individual attention. I consult and answer your questions on the best nutritional program for you based on your health condition.

This service is available for those in continental US easily accessible by a local large or regional airport. If you are considering this service use the "Contact Us" button and submit it to us at cause-of-prostate-cancer.com.

What is the Cost of Your Entire Program?

Below is a breakdown of all the costs per my recommendations in my E-Book so you can access the cost of this program. I don’t want any surprises when you begin ordering the products so I have priced everything up front. Prices for these products are subject to change and some do change frequently but this will give you a good estimate.

Costs Associated with
"My 60-Day Planner"
Type of Product or Service Lowest
E-Mail or Cell Phone
Equipment Purchases
Alkaline Water Tubes or “Life Ionizer” 7700c or 9200
Jack LaLanne Power Juicer
Aclare Air Purifier
Mini Trampoline “Rebounder”
Sauna- “Health Club” or Purchase
Swanson Vitamins
Bulk Foods
Coconut Oil – 5 Gallon
Apple Cider Vinegar from Bragg (raw organic)
Indian Herbal Formula
Other Miscellaneous Items
Blessed Herbs “Internal Cleansing Kit”
Miscellaneous Supplies: Bathroom (Natural Organic Soaps, Shampoo, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Shaving Gel), Laundry Detergent, Water Bottles, 3 Hole Binders and Puncher etc
Vitamin D Test Kit (1 test or 4 tests)
Heavy Metal Test Kit (2 test kits)

Total Approximate Cost
$ 3,382
You can expect to spend about $3,400 at the low end or $10,000 at the high end based on the recommended products in my E-Book.

When I purchase the E-Book
what should I do first?

Read the entire E-Book at least twice before you do anything. Learn what the cause of prostate cancer is. What are your remedies. Read the guides in Chapter 11: "Getting Started Back to Health" and Chapter 12: "My 60-Day Planner". Before you start the Program make sure you do the following:

1. Purchase the necessary equipment, supplements and supplies.

2. Get your Doctor's Appointment and obtain your PSA Test, Complete Blood Profile, Vitamin D Test and Heavy Metal Test. Consult with your Doctor on reducing and/or eliminating the prescription drugs that you are taking. See Addendum #6- Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs.

3. Start drinking Alkaline Water as soon as your Machine arrives. Slowly increase your intake to 1-1 1/2 Gallons. See Addendum #5- "How to Drink Alkaline Water."

4. Double Check that you have purchased everything outlined in Chapter 11.

5. "REGISTER" prior to "My 60-Day Planner on-line once you have completed items 1-4. Complete the form under "REGISTER".

6. Consider adding personalized service (E-Mail, Cell Phone or One-on-one).

How Do I Purchase Your E-Book?

To get all this latest important information on how to beat prostate cancer order my E-Book below. You will get the best strategies on how to successfully win your battle against this dreaded disease. What foods to eat and drink that actually fight cancer while building your depleted immune system. You get the latest technology on removing fungus from your body, the cause of your prostate cancer.

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This "E-Book" is intended to direct the attention of both physician and patient to the mounting evidence that most cancers are caused by deeply embedded fungal conditions. It is for educational purposes.

It is not intended to replace the orthodox physician-patient relationship. If you are sick, you are advised to consult a physician, and together, along with your newly gained knowledge, work toward the resolution of your illness.

Is Fungus Causing
Your Health Problems

In most cases fungus has invaded your body and your Doctor doesn't know. Why? Your Doctor has not been trained in Mycology. In most cases he treats your symptoms as a bacterial infection. If you are being treated with an antibiotic and you have a fungal infection your symptoms will get worse because "fuel is being added to fire."

Antibiotic is a fungal mycotoxin that treats only bacterial infections. Do not take an antibiotic if you have a fungal infection. Read my E-Book - How to Restore Your Health from Cancer to learn the proper steps to take from Nutrition, Supplementation, Exercise, and Detox.

What Diseases Are Caused by Fungus?

Almost all major diseases or illnesses can be caused by fungus. Below is a partial list of some conditions that likely is related to fungus.

Autoimmune Disease
Digestive Disorders
Ear Disorders
Eye Diseases
Hair Loss
Heart Disease
Hormone Problems
Mental Illness
Pain or Inflammation
Sinus Infection
Skin Diseases
Throat Illness
Weight Gain

How do you know you have a fungus infection? Go on the Anti- Cancer Diet and follow "My 60-Day Planner" in my E-Book . In as little as 30 days you should see remarkable results in your health by following a diet that starves the fungus while feeding your body with anti-fungal foods.