Heavy Metal Supplements

There are supplements that show promise in removing heavy metals from your body. We have included a list of supplements that combined together help the body remove heavy metals. You will only need to purchase 5 out of the 9 listed because the Antioxident Blend includes four. Below are the most important supplements that will assist in your body’s ability to excrete mercury and other heavy metals:

Heavy Metal Supplements
Supplement NameBottle SizeQuantityTotal
Vitamin C
Included in "Antioxidant Blend"
Alpha Lopoic Acid
Included in "Antioxidant Blend"
Vitamin B-12-
60 Tabs
5 mg
Purchase 1 Bottle here
Vitamin B-6
250 Caps
100 mg
Purchase 1 Bottle here
Already included in your supplements
Included in "Antioxidant Blend"
60 Caps
10 mg
Purchase 1 Bottle here
30 Caps
500 mg
Purchase 2 Bottles here
100 Caps
100 mg
Purchase 1 Bottle here
This is a summary of all the supplements included in the "Heavy Metal Body Cleanse." Total Cost of Supplements- $32.34

As mentioned above the total cost of the Optional Additional supplements for removing "Heavy Metals" from your body is an additional $32.34. These supplements will last through "My 60-Day Planner."

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