Anti-Cancer Diet

The Anti-Cancer Diet will focus on eating those foods and drinks that provide your body healing properties while avoiding foods and drinks that cause disease.

You Are What You Eat!

You may have heard of the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Everything you drink or eat has consequences to your health. Knowing this will help you make the right choices. The Anti-Cancer Diet helps you make those right choices.

Make Good Choices

I’m thirsty I’ll drink some cola. Bad Choice!

You’re thirsty. You go to the refrigerator and grab a can of cola. Stop. Don’t make this choice. Drinking carbonated beverages will bring you closer to disease. Cola never hydrates your body. Cola dehydrates your body!!! Coke is extremely acid forming in your body. Cancer (Fungus) loves an acid environment. You want to make good choices in your diet. What’s a better alternative to your cola?

I’m thirsty I’ll drink some Hydrogen Alkaline Water. Good Choice!

Hydrogen Alkaline water is the best choice for hydrating your body!! What is this special water?

Much is known in the general public about the body’s need for oxygen, however, few individuals, unless researching water, will realize the innate need for hydrogen in the body. We would like to share with you the science that will help you understand why you need active hydrogen and thus, Hydrogen Rich Water.

We can state without equivocation that decades of science (more than 173 years!) support the biological principles underlying the efficacy of the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick in several categories of health and fitness:

1) As the first anti-oxidant on earth and most effective, hydrogen should prove to reduce illness and retard aging, protecting cellular function including that of DNA. 2) Hydrogen, which pools in 6 major organs according to 1937 Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi, plays a singular role in detoxification and thereby further reduces the risk of disease and decay. 3) Hydrogen is really the only energy the body recognizes and is the necessary ingredient for ATP production. (See Szent-Gyorgi’s Nobel Address) 4) Hydrogen can support diabetics with better cholesterol control and thereby also reduce the potential for heart disease and other degenerative disease.

HYDROGEN RICH WATER – The Missing Key to Health and Beauty! #1 bio-available source of “active free hydrogen” it penetrates tissues and cells to combine with damaging free radicals and protect cells including DNA and mitochondria. Relief from oxidative stress – a primary cause of disease – may aid restoration of cell function and inhibit aging processes.

Alkaline Ionized Water is not a chemical, nor does it have anything added to it. This Ionized Water is simply water with smaller molecules and a higher pH.

Drink Alkaline Water to flood your body with oxygen. Remember, Cancer (Fungus) cannot survive in an Alkaline environment. That is why Alkaline Water is my favorite drink on the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Don’t Eat Outside of Your Home

For example: Going to a movie can be one of the most hazardous things you can do for your health. The refreshment stand is loaded with fungus causing foods and drinks like:

1) Carbonated beverages both diet and regular. Each can of non-diet beverage contains as much as 7 teaspoons of toxic "High Fructose Corn Syrup" with caffeine. This is a perfect cancer (fungus) food. The alternative diet beverage offers you a toxin called aspartame. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical food additive. Aspartame can cause cancer and 91 other side effects. Some of the side effects include:

A. Vision problems
B. Hearing impairment
C. Epileptic seizures
D. Headaches & migraines
E. Severe depression

For more information on aspartame and its side effects go to the following website

2) Popcorn- Oh, that great aroma of popcorn when you enter the theater; it smells so good. Popcorn became popular snack food during the Great Depression and for watching movies. But is popcorn healthy? No. Corn is universally contaminated with mold, mildew and fungus. Eating any corn products will increase you chance of a fungal infection. Movie theater popcorn has bad fats (hydrogenated oils) used in the cooking process. These bad fats promote all kinds of illnesses and must be avoided.

Avoid all corn products while on the Anti-Cancer Diet. Most processed foods contain corn products. That is why all processed foods are excluded from the Anti-Cancer Diet.

3) Candy- all candy products are loaded with sugar. Sugar is food for your fungus (Cancer). Remember we need to starve the fungus. All foods and snacks containing sugar must be avoided on the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Eat Your Meals at Home

While you are on the Anti-Cancer Diet be sure to stay away from restaurants, refreshment stands, or any other eatery as most of the foods are cooked and do not follow your Anti-Cancer Diet.

What Drinks You Must Avoid

Cancer (fungus) causing drinks you must avoid while you are on the Anti-Cancer Diet include:

Water to Avoid

City Tap Water- Contains chemicals chlorine and fluoride which are toxic and are known to have significant adverse effects on the human body.

Bottled Water- Containers are toxic plastic (BP) and water is extremely acidic.

Reverse Osmosis Water- Removes all the contaminates but leaves just "Dead Water" that is very acidic to drink.

Distilled Water- Dead acidic water provides no benefit to your health.

Filtered Water- Removes most contaminates, very acidic not recommended.

Other Beverages

All Carbonated Beverages- includes but not limited to, colas, diet & regular (soda pop)- extremely acidic, toxic to your body, causes cancer

Sports Drinks, Caffeinated Drinks, Diet Drinks- loaded with sugar and highly acidic.

Fruit Juices- Watch for added sugar, pasteurized, very acidic.

Milk, Homogenized & Pasteurized- Supermarket milk is hazardous to your health because of:

1. Antibiotics- contaminated in milk
2. Bovine Growth Hormone ("rBGH"), hormone pumped into cows for them to produce more milk, problem is this hormone causes breast and prostate cancer
3. Digestion- supermarket milk is mucus forming contributing to stuffy noises, runny eyes and upper respiratory problems. Milk is difficult to digest because it no longer contains the beneficial bacteria destroyed in the pasteurization process.
4. Supermarket Milk causes Osteoporosis- dairy products are high in protein and promote osteoporosis because high protein consumption causes greater amounts of calcium to be excreted in the urine.

"Supermarket Milk" is excluded from the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Liquor- Beer, Wine, Hard Liquor- Beer contains yeast and all alcoholic drinks contain mycotoxins.

Coffee- and Flavored Coffees- Coffee contains numerous chemicals from growing process and is acidic.

Water Comparison Test with "ORP" Meter

All water (tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, filtered, distilled) is acid forming and over 10,000 times more acidic then your Alkaline Water. How do you know this?

I have done analysis with an "ORP" meter measuring different sources of water and have discovered tap, bottled, filtered and osmosis water tests at +150 to 200 which is fairly acidic to your body. Alkaline Water has been tested at -250 to -600 on the "ORP" meter which is very alkaline. The difference of each 100 is geometric. What does that mean? For every 100 "ORP" difference is 10 times more acidic. For example:

ORP difference at 100 = 10 times more acidic
ORP difference at 200 = 100 times more acidic
ORP difference at 300 = 1,000 times more acidic
ORP difference at 400 = 10,000 times more acidic
ORP difference at 500 = 100,000 times more acidic

That is why I recommend Alkaline water on the Anti-Cancer Diet. Fresh well water is neutral and your best alternative to alkaline water. Alkaline water is the only water you should drink while you are on this Anti-Cancer Diet.

Avoid These Foods

All Corn Products- Corn is universally contaminated with fungus and mycotoxins.

Bacon (No Pork Products)- All pork lowers your immune system. Must avoid while on the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Beef from Supermarket- Eat only grass fed beef from your local farmer. Avoid beef from the factory farms.

Chicken, Lamb, Veal, Turkey from Supermarkets- Eat only free range alternatives.

All Grains and Yeast Products [Barley, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Bread, Whole Wheat, White Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Oatmeal, Pasta, rice, corn, mushrooms, pop tarts, corn bread, cookies, cake, all deserts]- Fungi producing food. Avoid while on the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Nuts: Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Oil, All peanut products; pistachios- Contaminated with fungus. Don't even look at these products. Raw almonds are the best.

Breakfast Cereals- Contain lots of sugar and grains.

Sugar, Corn Syrup [All Sugars Excluded]- Sugar feeds the fungus. Must eliminate all sugars in the Anti-Cancer Diet.

Processed Food- Loaded with sugar and chemical preservatives. Dead lifeless food.

Oysters, Scallops, Shrimp, Catfish, Shrimp- No bottom feeding fish. Lowers immune system.

Eggs, not organic, caged- Eat only free range organic eggs from your local farmer. Don't buy supermarket eggs. They come from large factory farms.

Processed Oils, Hydrogenated Oils [Corn Oil, Vegetable Oil, Canola Oil, Peanut Oil]- Don't consume "trans fat" oils.

Potatoes, Beans and peas- Fungus food because of storage practices.

Dairy Products- Margarine, Butter Substitutes, Cheese Products (unless free range raw), Butter (unless from free range cows, organic)

Some surprises appear on the list such as chicken, beef, eggs, lobster, shrimp and oysters. Chicken, beef and eggs are best eaten when the animals graze in the fields, are grass feed and not pumped with antibiotic drugs. Lobster, shrimp and oysters are bottom feeding and tend to be too toxic. Nuts should be eaten raw. All processed bottled nuts have been roasted or cooked in some way. Peanuts or peanut containing food should be avoided.

Drinks Allowed on Diet

Below are the drinks that are allowed on the Anti-Cancer Diet.

***** Alkaline Water
***** Fresh Vegetable Juices (Juicing)
*** Fresh Fruit Juices (Juicing)- limit your intake
**** Herbal Teas (see below)

Herbal Teas from leaves include: Alfalfa, Clover, Mint, Sage, Spearmint, Raspberry, Strawberry, Comfrey and Ginseng.

Herbal Teas from roots include: Ginger, Comfrey, Ginseng

Foods Allowed on Diet

Below are the foods that you should be eating on the Anti-Cancer Diet. Eat as much fresh organically grown vegetables as possible. Vegetables absorb fungal poisons, immediately removing the toxicity. Fresh vegetables are powerful immune boosters. Eat a large salad with a large mix of vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Anti-Fungal Foods


Brussell Sprouts
Collard Greens

Dandelion Greens
Ginger (fresh)
Lettuce, Leaf or Romaine (all)
Mustard Greens
Onions (all)
Pepper, Bell
Pepper, Habenero
Rhubarb (limit)
Tomato Paste (Can)
Water Chestnuts


Green Beans- Fresh
Lima Beans- Fresh
Peas- Fresh
Snap- Fresh


Almonds- Raw
Coconut- Fresh


Alfalfa- Sprouted
Broccoli- Sprouted
Beans- Sprouted

Healthy Anti-Cancer Oils:

Coconut Oil- Cold Pressed
Olive- Extra Virgin
Flaxseed Oil - Organic Cold Pressed
Sunflower Oil - Organic
Sesame Oil - Organic
Poppy Seed Oil - Organic


Stevia, Stevia Plus


Bay Leaves
Caraway Seed

Cayenne Pepper
Celery Seed
Cumin Seed
Curry Powder
Salt- Sea or Celtic
Salt- Vegetable


Apple Cider, raw, unpasteurized


Beef, grass feed, free range
Bison, grass feed, free range
Chicken, grass feed, free range
Fish, Alaska Fresh Caught Salmon
Turkey, grass feed, free range


Apples, Green only

Items highlighted in red are super foods and should be considered regularly in your diet. Use a juicer to get as many vegetables in your Anti-Cancer Diet.

If you want further details on the Anti-Cancer Diet please order my E-Book - How to Restore Your Health. The E-Book goes into detail why the above foods are on the Anti-Cancer Diet. We, also, plan meals around this list including some easy "JUICING" techniques.

Juicing Your Vegetables

Juicing is the easy way to get the nutrients from your fresh vegetables without having to spend hours eating them. In my E-Book we give you some Anti-Cancer Diet Juicing Recipes that will send your cancer running for the exits. In my E-Book we recommend the Best Juicer for under $100. It performs well with a lifetime guarantee on the motor. I love this juicer and use it all the time.

The information contained in this "Anti-Cancer Diet" is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Consult your health care provider before beginning or making changes in your diet.