How to Restore Your Health From Cancer

Chapter 6

Digestive Health

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Table of Contents
Listing of all chapters, and addendums with highlights.
Introduction - "Our Toxic World"
Why is my body toxic? How do I reduce my toxic load? What are the healthy choices you can make?
Your Toxic Body and Cancer
This chapter explains the cause of your cancer.
Natural Treatments for Cancer
Follow the 20 listed treatments to naturally rid your body of cancer. Remember cancer is a mold, yeast, and fungus disease.
Anti-Cancer Diet
There are foods that have cancer-fighting substances in them that help your body ward off cancer. The Anti-Cancer Diet focuses on those foods and drinks that will benefit your body in its fight against cancer.
In addition to following the Anti-Cancer Diet you will need to include supplements that will boost your immune system and increase your odds of success.
Digestive Health
Did you know that 80% of your health or lack there of comes from your digestive system. A poor digestive tract contributes to disease. This chapter focuses on improving digestive functions from the stomach to the colon.
Mold Contamination
Cancer is a mold, yeast and fungus disease. Your cancer could be the result of your environment. Do you have a moldy home? If you have cancer I recommend a special filter that kills deadly mold spores to rid your body of this toxic exposure.
Dental Work - Is it Toxic to your Health?
Did you know those silver amalgam fillings in your mouth are 45-55% mercury? These mercury fillings have been proven to leak mercury vapor that is absorbed into your body. Mercury is a hazardous material and their is no safe level in your body.
Exercise - Your Key to Health
Exercise is key because it naturally causes the destruction of fungus in your body. When you exercise you burn calories and take the food source away from your fungus causing cancer.
"Fasting brings your current present lifestyle to an abrupt halt. It gives you an opportunity to pause, reflect and decide how you are going to conduct your life afterwards. This enables you to make a break with your past and set off in a new, more positive direction."
Getting Started Back to Health
Your step-by-step guide to getting your health back. What you should do first. We hold your hand through the maze of information provided and guide you through the steps to a "new you."
"My 60-Day Planner"
Your personal trainer getting you back to good health. Takes you through each day with proper food and drink with supplementation. All the things mentioned in the first ten chapters are applied in an easy to follow format. This format begins from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.
Completion of Program
Once I finish "My 60-Day Planner" what's next? We answer your frequently asked questions.
Addendum Title Description
Ordering from Waiora
Most of the supplements can be easily purchased following the instructions in your E-Book. However, purchasing your "Natural Cellular Defense" and EDN from Waiora can be much more confusing because of your options available. This addendum was created as a self-help guide in helping you through this process.
Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes
Your key to good health is eating fresh raw vegetables in your own prepared salads. Include as many colored vegetables shown on the Anti-Cancer Diet in Chapter 4. We include some healthy salad dressings that contribute to good health instead of the toxic grocery store salad dressings.
Purchasing Your Alkaline Water Machine
Here is the step by step guide in purchasing my recommended water ionizer machine. We include Alkaline Water in "My 60-Day Planner."
Prayer and Reflection - Your Daily Guide
Prayer and Reflection is another important medicine included in "My 60-Day Planner." To heal your body from disease not only takes a good diet with proper supplements but also God at your right hand. If God is not part of your life now,...... it is time for a change. In the evening you should spend 1-2 hours in meditation and prayer. Read the Holy Bible and other inspiring books that help you heal your heart, mind, body and soul.
How to Drink Alkaline Water
Drinking Alkaline Water is important part of "My 60-Day Planner" and we show you how to get started. Alkaline Water can cause headaches and herxheimer reaction when you first start drinking. Start out slowly to reduce the side effects of detoxification.
Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs
Elimination of prescription and nonprescription drugs is important part of your success in "My 60-Day Planner." Prescription drugs are probably one of the most toxic things you can put into your body. Drugs suppress the symptoms of disease by disrupting normal cellular functions. Drugs cause disease.

Chapter 6
Digestive Health

Your digestive system is made up of a series of hollow organs that connect to form a digestive tract that goes from the mouth to the anus. Food digestion starts in your mouth and then goes through your:

[1] esophagus,
[2] stomach,
[3] small intestine,
[4] large intestine,
[5] colon, and
[6] rectum.

Two other organs, the [7] liver and the [8] pancreas , contribute important digestive juices. The purpose of your digestive system is to break down the foods you eat into molecules tiny enough to be absorbed by your circulatory system. These molecules can then supply your body with nutrients and energy. The upper parts of the system concentrate on digestion and the lower parts on waste removal. Waste from indigestible parts of food moves through the large intestine into the rectum and is then eliminated as a bowel movement.

updated 9/28/2012

Nutritionists Agree: "85% of Your Health
Is in Your Gut!!!" Probiotics are Your Key
To Great Health

Low levels of probiotics in your gut are the first sign that disease will erupt soon. Why? Probiotics are needed for proper digestion of your food. When levels of probiotics are low incomplete digestion occurs. Candida Yeast takes over your gut and your health deteriorates.

Most people who suffer from some disease have a poor digestive tract with low amounts of probiotics (friendly bacteria). Your gut is supposed to have billions and billions of probiotics that breakdown your food you eat and convert it into energy and nutrition for the body. When large numbers of probiotics have been killed off from antibiotics you no longer have the ability to digest food completely.

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How is food digested?

Digestion involves mixing food with digestive juices, moving it through the digestive tract, and breaking down large molecules of food into smaller molecules. Digestion begins in the mouth, when you chew and swallow, and is completed in the small intestine. Most people think that digestion begins in the stomach. Digestion actually begins in the mouth with the process of chewing.

Food that is not properly chewed can cause a host of digestive problems later. Proper chewing is a vital component of your digestive activities that occur in your mouth. Proper chewing is linked to good digestion and good health. Lets focus first on proper chewing techniques.

How to Chew Your Food Properly

For proper digestion to occur, it is important to chew your food completely. How do I know when the food is chewed enough before I swallow?

Most health professionals say to chew your food at least 40 times before you swallow. Well this simply does not work for eating grapefruit, bananas or a T-bone steak. You cannot chew grapefruit 40 times before you swallow. It is impossible! On my 5th chew the grapefruit has turned to juice and most of it has headed for the stomach as a liquid. While a T-bone steak, depending on the quality, may take 80 chews before it is ready for the stomach.

Instead of prescribing a set number of chews, you should develop a relationship and understanding with your food. What does that mean? Don’t swallow your food until you can’t tell what kind of food you are chewing and your saliva has had a chance to liquefy the food in your mouth. Don’t rush your meals. Allow plenty of time to consume your food.

Stop eating your food too fast!

Typically, your meals are treated differently then in generations past. Families used to sit down together in a relaxed unhurried environment. Today we eat on the run. Meals are rushed. We just don’t have time to eat properly. We must change our attitudes towards our meals. Meals are a time of relaxation eating with friends and family. If you are the average American at dinnertime that gulps down your food after a couple chews, well now you know why illness has developed. Stop! Slow down. Eat your meals slowly by chewing your food thoroughly so digestion can be complete.

The chemical process of digestion
begins with chewing

Food’s contact with saliva is not just important because it helps to lubricate the food, making it easier for foods (notably dried ones) to pass easier through the esophagus, but because saliva contains enzymes that contribute to the chemical process of digestion.

Incomplete Digestion – Swallowing Chunks of Food

When food is not well chewed and the food fragments are too big to be properly broken down, incomplete digestion occurs. Not only do nutrients not get extracted from the food but also undigested food becomes fodder for bacteria in the colon, which can lead to bacterial overgrowth and flatulence.

Chewing helps the movement of
food through your digestive tract

Chewing is directly connected with the movement of food through your digestive tract, and in particular, with the movement of your food from your stomach into your small intestine. At the lower end of your stomach, there is a muscle called the pylorus. This muscle must relax in order for food to leave your stomach and pass into your small intestine. Sufficient saliva from optimal chewing helps relax the pylorus, and in this way, helps your food move through your digestive tract in healthy fashion.

The benefits of thoroughly chewing your food will extend beyond improved digestion. It will cause you to slow down when you are eating, making more time for the enjoyment of your meal. Food will begin to taste even better when there is more focus and concentration on the process and act of eating. By chewing your food well, you will be able to better enjoy the benefits of the wonderful life giving foods of your “Anti-Cancer Diet.”

You Aren’t What You Eat…
But You Are What You Digest and Absorb

Many times I have said, “You Are What You Eat.” Well a better phrase would be “You Aren’t What You Eat…. But You Are What You Digest and Absorb.”

If your body does not break down and absorb nutrients optimally, the effects can go far beyond the occasional abdominal discomfort you’re feeling.

In fact, it’s been said that a healthy digestive system is at the root of all health. Or to say it a different way; that an unhealthy digestive system is the root cause of disease.” That’s logical – your digestive tract is the basic source of the nourishment every cell in your body needs. If your digestive tract is not functioning correctly your body is not getting the nourishment from your food.

Now you know why My "60-Day Planner" begins with improving your “Digestive System” first. What good is eating and drinking the most nutritious foods if your digestive system cannot optimally extract and absorb the nutrients.

Importance of Digestive Enzymes

To help your digestive tract do its all-important job, you’ve got to understand some of the chemical wizardry that goes on inside your stomach and small intestine.

You need a robust supply of digestive enzymes to process food as it passes through your intestines. Here’s how they work: The food you put into your mouth is a complex mixture of large organic molecules – macromolecules. There are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, along with vitamins, minerals, and other components.

To absorb these nutrients into your bloodstream, you’ve got to break these large molecules down into smaller bits. Fortunately, your system has evolved sophisticated chemical engineering to accomplish just that.

While you’re polishing off your latest meal, digestive enzymes are pouring into your small intestine (from your liver, pancreas, and gall bladder) to break down the large macromolecules into easily absorbable smaller pieces.

These digestive enzymes are specialized proteins; each designed to break apart a specific type of molecule in your food. For example, there are:

Lipases – break down fat
Amylases – break down large carbohydrate chains
Proteases – break down protein

Digestive enzymes are naturally produced within your body. But sadly, there are far too many people whose enzyme stores become depleted for one reason or another. Then you can’t digest your food optimally. The cycle of occasional bloating, indigestion, and other minor digestive issues begin.

Enzyme Depletion - Root Cause of Disease

Your body has a limited amount of its own enzymes. As you age your enzyme level becomes depleted, as early as age 45, when your diet is strictly dead processed foods (where your body has to provide its own enzymes for digestion).

Low body enzyme level = Incomplete digestion = Disease = Death

Here are a few of the many common reasons that your enzymes might be depleted.

• A generally unbalanced diet, eating too much processed food, not enough raw food giving you a balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins
Inadequate vitamin or mineral intake
Poor eating habits – rushing through meals, not chewing thoroughly
Exposure to artificial food additives, colorings, and preservatives (from your processed foods)
• The aging process – as you advance into middle age, a certain degree of enzyme depletion becomes almost inevitable

With all these possible factors contributing to enzyme depletion, it’s no wonder that digestive complaints are so common.

Don’t Chew Gum!

Chewing gum interferes with the coordinated digestive tract reflexes.

Every time you put a stick of gum in your mouth and start to chew, your brain thinks you’re eating food. Your brain sends signals to your stomach, pancreas, and other digestive organs to get them ready for the digestive process.

Your pancreas is fooled into manufacturing a batch of the digestive enzymes your brain thinks you’ll need. Also, dangerous levels of hydrochloric acid could be produced without the corresponding food to neutralize it.

If you keep this pattern going month after month, your pancreas gets exhausted from the repeated over-production. Your body has a limited number of enzymes and it is possible to exhaust your supply of them.

Supplement Your Gut with Digestive Enzymes

Thoroughly chewing your food at meals and avoiding chewing gum can dramatically help preserve your enzyme function. However, depletion of digestive enzymes does seem to affect many, as they get older.

Do you have troublesome occasional bloating, minor abdominal discomfort, or occasional constipation? This could mean your body is not producing enough digestive enzymes naturally. Fortunately, you can give your natural enzymes a boost with a high-quality supplement that you consume at meal times.

What should a Digestive Enzyme Supplement contain?

Taking an enzyme supplement will be like hiring an extra hand to help on a work crew – whatever the job is that needs to be done, it will get accomplished more quickly, more easily, and with less strain. It’s that simple.

There are hundreds of digestive enzyme supplements available to the health-conscious consumer. So when you’re considering which one to trust, there are a few key points you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly researched.

The high-quality digestive aid you’re looking for should have these characteristics:
• It should contain a mixture of different types of enzymes, to help digest all the components of your diet:
    1. Lipases for fats
    2. Proteases for proteins, and
    3. Amylases for carbohydrates
• It should contain the right amount of each ingredient, to make digestion easy and complete, but should not over-ride your body’s own digestive efforts
• The ingredients should be all-natural, and of the highest quality to begin with
• The product should be labeled to tell you the actual enzymatic strength of each ingredient, not just its weight

Where Can I Get The Best Digestive Enzymes?

By daily supplementing with SuperZymes , you help yourself in correcting your personal digestive enzyme deficiency. Take SuperZymes digestive enzymes daily with meals to normalize digestion and increase energy, while promoting reduced digestive issues such as heartburn, reflux, gerd, gas and bloating.

Cost of this product is $33 including shipping. Ask for ½ off pricing if calling by phone with free shipping.

Why is SuperZymes the best enzyme product I have found? SuperZymes contains all the ingredients necessary to digest all the types of foods in your diet including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Include this product in “My 60-Day Planner”.

A Good Lower Cost Enzyme.

A lower cost alternative is at Swanson Vitamins. Below is a good quality Digestive Enzyme product that will do the job just as well. The company that produces this product for Swanson Vitamins is called National Enzyme Company (NEC). NEC has been in business since 1932 blending quality enzymes with cutting-edge science. Each capsule contains an enzymatic blend unmatched in quality and efficacy. N-Zimes features CeraCalase, a proprietary enzyme complex from NEC that supports the release of fiber-bound nutrients.

Cost is $9.49 for 90 vegetable capsules or $18.98 for two bottles, which is almost half the cost as “SuperZymes”.

Juicing and Proper Digestion

Your “Anti-Cancer Diet” includes juicing. How should I consume this healthy drink for optimal results? Take a mouthful of juice and hold it in your mouth allowing saliva and digestive juices to recognize what kind of food is being juiced. The first mouthful should be held into your mouth the longest so your body can recognize the various food components of the Juice. I recommend the first mouthful be held for a least 15 seconds. Don’t forget to swish the drink around your mouth so the saliva can interact with the juices. Slowly drink the remaining juice for optimal results.

Probiotics - (Your "Friendly" Bacteria)
What is Candida Yeast Outbreak?

We all have Candida Yeast in our digestive track. The “friendly” bacteria and a healthy immune system control this “Yeast” population. However, when you consume Antibiotics, Supermarket Milk, Factory Farmed Meat and processed foods you destroy your “friendly” bacteria causing the Candida Yeast population to explode! Candida Yeast can take over your Digestive System and spread fungus throughout your body when it escapes the Digestive Tract. Candida Yeast is now an infectious fungus in your body and can kill you.

As previously stated, when antibiotics kill your friendly bacteria, the stage is set for Candida Yeast Outbreak. This outbreak occurs when our bodies lose their proper immune protection, or the intestinal pH is altered unfavorably, that the organism can change from the yeast form to the fungal form. When this happens, the now-parasitic fungal form penetrates the gastrointestinal mucosa and breaks down the boundary between the intestinal track and the rest of the circulation in our bodies. This allows partially digested dietary proteins to travel into the bloodstream, where they exert a powerful antigenic (antibody-stimulation) assault on the immune system.

To rid your body from the “Candida Yeast Outbreak” we must reintroduce the “friendly” bacteria into your digestive system. Many people who have health problems usually don’t have the right ratio of “friendly” bacteria in their gut. To maintain a healthy digestive tract we need to increase the “friendly” bacteria. In the first month of your “Anti-Cancer Diet” supplement your gut with Raw Honey, yogurt, and a Probiotic supplement.

In summary, proper digestion begins with chewing your food properly so it can be easily digested in your stomach. Supplementation with “good bacteria” and “digestive enzymes” should create the ideal environment for optimum digestion.

Finally, we need to address the large intestine, commonly referred to as the colon.

Colon Health

What does your average Colon contain?

On average your colon contains 5-10 pounds of undigested black rubbery fecal matter lodged against your colon wall. In more severe cases some people have as much as 30-50 pounds of this matter. How did I get this gunk in me? Diet. The Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed food is very difficult for the body to digest. After many years of poor diet lacking fresh fruits and vegetables, your colon begins to slow down and fecal matter accumulation begins on your colon walls.

One sign of a plugged up colon is the frequency of your bowel movements. A bowel movement every one or two days indicates that your colon is clogged. When the colon is healthy you normally have two to three bowel movements per day.

Good Health = Good Clean Digestive System

Your key to good health is clean healthy digestive system. The final phase to good digestive health is removing the undigested black rubbery fecal matter that has accumulated in your colon. How do I remove this gunk from my colon?

A colon cleanse will clear out and remove the “gunk” that has accumulated. Once you have done this colon cleanse you now have a fully functional digestive tract. All the healthy foods and supplements can now be properly digested and used by your body.

How do I clean my Colon?

There are hundreds of colon cleanses on the market today. Finding one that is effective at a reasonable cost is almost impossible. Through my due diligence I found a very reliable Company that has great success story and they include a 90-day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel better, you get your money back. Who is this Company? Blessed Herbs.

Blessed Herbs offers two cleanses. The first cleanse is just for the colon. The second cleanse, the one I recommend, is a whole body cleanse with a four step program which includes:

Step 1: Colon & Digestive System
Step 2: Liver & Gallbladder; Para Cleansing
Step 3: Lungs, Kidney, & Bladder
Step 4: Lymph, Blood, & Skin

This kit has seven formulas dedicated to the body’s natural organs of elimination. These formulas are systematically taken over the course of this 24-day, 4 step program.

Price is $275.00 but they do run frequent specials with up to 20% off. The colon cleanse alone would be $89.50. You may get more information from their website at:

Once you have completed the “Whole Body Cleanse” you should experience energy and vitality that you haven’t had since your childhood days. Your new digestive system will respond well to the “Anti-Cancer Diet” and the Nutritional supplementation increasing your odds of success.

Don’t purchase anything yet. See Chapter 11: Getting Started Back to Health for information on ordering equipment and supplements for your “60-Day Planner”.

Is Fungus Causing
Your Health Problems

In most cases fungus has invaded your body and your Doctor doesn't know. Why? Your Doctor has not been trained in Mycology. In most cases he treats your symptoms as a bacterial infection. If you are being treated with an antibiotic and you have a fungal infection your symptoms will get worse because "fuel is being added to fire."

Antibiotic is a fungal mycotoxin that treats only bacterial infections. Do not take an antibiotic if you have a fungal infection. Read my E-Book - How to Restore Your Health from Cancer to learn the proper steps to take from Nutrition, Supplementation, Exercise, and Detox.

What Diseases Are Caused by Fungus?

Almost all major diseases or illnesses can be caused by fungus. Below is a partial list of some conditions that likely is related to fungus.

Autoimmune Disease
Digestive Disorders
Ear Disorders
Eye Diseases
Hair Loss
Heart Disease
Hormone Problems
Mental Illness
Pain or Inflammation
Sinus Infection
Skin Diseases
Throat Illness
Weight Gain

How do you know you have a fungus infection? Go on the Anti- Cancer Diet and follow "My 60-Day Planner" in my E-Book . In as little as 30 days you should see remarkable results in your health by following a diet that starves the fungus while feeding your body with anti-fungal foods.