How to Restore Your Health

Chapter 8

Dental Work

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Introduction - "Our Toxic World"
Why is my body toxic? How do I reduce my toxic load? What are the healthy choices you can make?
Your Toxic Body and Cancer
This chapter explains the cause of your cancer.
Natural Treatments for Cancer
Follow the 20 listed treatments to naturally rid your body of cancer. Remember cancer is a mold, yeast, and fungus disease.
Anti-Cancer Diet
There are foods that have cancer-fighting substances in them that help your body ward off cancer. The Anti-Cancer Diet focuses on those foods and drinks that will benefit your body in its fight against cancer.
In addition to following the Anti-Cancer Diet you will need to include supplements that will boost your immune system and increase your odds of success.
Digestive Health
Did you know that 80% of your health or lack there of comes from your digestive system. A poor digestive tract contributes to disease. This chapter focuses on improving digestive functions from the stomach to the colon.
Mold Contamination
Cancer is a mold, yeast and fungus disease. Your cancer could be the result of your environment. Do you have a moldy home? If you have cancer I recommend a special filter that kills deadly mold spores to rid your body of this toxic exposure.
Dental Work - Is it Toxic to your Health?
Did you know those silver amalgam fillings in your mouth are 45-55% mercury? These mercury fillings have been proven to leak mercury vapor that is absorbed into your body. Mercury is a hazardous material and their is no safe level in your body.
Exercise - Your Key to Health
Exercise is key because it naturally causes the destruction of fungus in your body. When you exercise you burn calories and take the food source away from your fungus causing cancer.
"Fasting brings your current present lifestyle to an abrupt halt. It gives you an opportunity to pause, reflect and decide how you are going to conduct your life afterwards. This enables you to make a break with your past and set off in a new, more positive direction."
Getting Started Back to Health
Your step-by-step guide to getting your health back. What you should do first. We hold your hand through the maze of information provided and guide you through the steps to a "new you."
"My 60-Day Planner"
Your personal trainer getting you back to good health. Takes you through each day with proper food and drink with supplementation. All the things mentioned in the first ten chapters are applied in an easy to follow format. This format begins from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.
Completion of Program
Once I finish "My 60-Day Planner" what's next? We answer your frequently asked questions.
Addendum Title Description
Ordering from Waiora
Most of the supplements can be easily purchased following the instructions in your E-Book. However, purchasing your "Natural Cellular Defense" and EDN from Waiora can be much more confusing because of your options available. This addendum was created as a self-help guide in helping you through this process.
Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes
Your key to good health is eating fresh raw vegetables in your own prepared salads. Include as many colored vegetables shown on the Anti-Cancer Diet in Chapter 4. We include some healthy salad dressings that contribute to good health instead of the toxic grocery store salad dressings.
Purchasing Your Alkaline Water Machine
Here is the step by step guide in purchasing my recommended water ionizer machine. We include Alkaline Water in "My 60-Day Planner."
Prayer and Reflection - Your Daily Guide
Prayer and Reflection is another important medicine included in "My 60-Day Planner." To heal your body from disease not only takes a good diet with proper supplements but also God at your right hand. If God is not part of your life now,...... it is time for a change. In the evening you should spend 1-2 hours in meditation and prayer. Read the Holy Bible and other inspiring books that help you heal your heart, mind, body and soul.
How to Drink Alkaline Water
Drinking Alkaline Water is important part of "My 60-Day Planner" and we show you how to get started. Alkaline Water can cause headaches and herxheimer reaction when you first start drinking. Start out slowly to reduce the side effects of detoxification.
Prescription and Nonprescription Drugs
Elimination of prescription and nonprescription drugs is important part of your success in "My 60-Day Planner." Prescription drugs are probably one of the most toxic things you can put into your body. Drugs suppress the symptoms of disease by disrupting normal cellular functions. Drugs cause disease.

Chapter 8
Dental Work
Is it Toxic to Your Health?

Dental Amalgams contain 45-55% Mercury.
Wow, what a mouthful?

Your dentist fills one of your cavities with a “Silver” Filling. So what is in those “Silver” Fillings? Those “Silver” amalgam fillings are made up of:

45-55% Mercury,
15-20% Silver,
and less than 10% of Copper, Zinc, Indium, Nickel and Tin.

Why call them “Silver” fillings when their main component is “Mercury?” It depends who you are talking to.

Proponents of Amalgam Fillings (FDA, American Dental Association- AMA) call them “Silver Amalgams” while those that are against the use of mercury in Dentistry call them “Mercury Amalgams”.

Mercury and Cancer

Is the Mercury in your dental amalgams causing your cancer? Maybe. Mercury depresses your immune system. Why? Mercury is very toxic, so your body spends a great deal of energy trying to remove it. After many decades of fighting this mercury poisoning, your immune system succumbs to disease (like fungus causing cancer) allowing it to take over your body.

“Mercury amalgams are as close as you can get to the center of the illness universe; their use in dentistry has set us up for most of the health problems we see today.”Bruce Shelton, M.D., M.D. (H), Di.Hom

Quackwatch Says “Mercury Amalgams” are Safe

Quackwatch, Stephen Barrett, MD says mercury amalgams are not dangerous.Mercury is a component of the amalgam used for “silver” fillings. The other major ingredients are silver, tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, these elements bond to form a strong, stable substance. The difference between bound and unbound chemicals can be illustrated by a simple analogy. Elemental hydrogen is an explosive gas. Elemental oxygen is a gas that supports combustion. When combined, however, they form water, which has neither of these effects. Amalgam’s ingredients are tightly bonded to each other. Although the types of chemical bonds in water and amalgam differ, saying that amalgam will poison you is just as wrong as saying that drinking water will make you explode and burst into flames.”

So what is the truth? Do Mercury amalgams give off a mercury vapor in your mouth? I went back to the Quackwatch website and reread Stephen Barrett’s article. He says, “Very sensitive instruments can detect billionths of a gram of mercury vapor in the mouth of a person with amalgam fillings. However, the minuscule amount of mercury the body absorbs from amalgams is far below the level that exerts any adverse health effect.”

So even Quackwatch admits that mercury vapor is present in those with amalgam fillings. Quackwatch seems to only look at Amalgam fillings with a single snapshot. What about the cumulative impact of years of exposure instead of one single snapshot.

So the next question seems simple enough. You state that mercury vapor is present but in such minuscule amount that it will have no adverse health effect. This mercury vapor exposure to humans is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year. No one is saying your going to die in 24 hours from an amalgam filling but how about ten fillings in your mouth for ten years? Wouldn’t the cumulative exposure be great? Isn’t mercury very difficult to remove from your body? Doesn’t the long term effects of mercury in your body cause illness and disease?

It’s an ironic fact that the metallic mercury used by dentists to manufacture dental amalgam is shipped as a hazardous material to the dental office. Any amalgam leftover is also treated as hazardous and requires special precautions to dispose of. Yet were supposed to believe it is safe in our mouth. Wow. How stupid do they think we are?

Many others disagree with Quackwatch

With so much data out there shows "Mercury Amalgams" are unsafe, why is it that the FDA and American Dental Association continue to approve of "Mercury Amalgams." Here are three excellent videos on "Mercury Amalgams" that are a must watch!

Part 1 of 3 - Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009)
Part 2 of 3 - Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009)
Part 3 of 3 - Mercury Amalgam Fillings Dangers (ITV, Feb 16, 2009)

The Dangers of Dental Amalgam (Time 11 minutes)

Smoking Teeth - Poison Gas (Time 8:31)

Consumers for Dental Choice

Watch the following videos where Dr. Mercola interviews Charles Brown, legal counsel for the Consumers for Dental Choice. Charles Brown has been working to get mercury fillings banned in the United States. Charles Brown on behalf of Consumers for Dental Choice has filed numerous suits against the FDA with the eventual goal to get mercury out of dentistry. Below is a Three Part Series about ten minutes each providing a status of current litigation and what the future holds?

Mercury dental fillings contribute 2 to 3 times as much mercury to the human body as all dietary and environmental sources combined. International Academy or Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT- Website ) is urging the FDA to change the ruling, ban dental amalgam from commerce and issue a mandatory recall on the product.

Charles Brown says:

“FDA broke its contract and broke its word that it would put warnings for children and unborn children for neurological damage. Bowing to the dental products industry, FDA for the first time in its history pulled a warning about neurological harm to children.”

“This contemptuous attitude toward children and the unborn will not go unanswered,” said Brown. “We will see FDA in court.”

Sweden bans all Mercury Products
including Amalgam Fillings

On January 15, 2009 the Ministry of the Environment of Sweden banned mercury amalgam fillings. Attached is the press clipping for your reading.

Why you should avoid
all metals in your mouth

Galvanic Toxicity: Your battery in your mouth!

When there is metal in your mouth you set the stage for “galvanic toxicity.” What is “galvanic toxicity?” When dissimilar metals sit in a bed of saliva your mouth becomes like a charged battery. To make a battery you only need two or more different metals and a liquid medium that can conduct electricity. So how do my metals in my mouth cause this battery to conduct electricity? Those Dental fillings, crowns or implants provide different metals and your saliva serves as electrolyte (conductor of electricity).

This galvanic current is generated by the transport of metal ions from the metal-based dental restorations into the saliva. Your saliva is a collection for all the toxic metals in your dental restorations. Your mouth acts like a small battery and the current can be measured using an ammeter.

Two Problems with Galvanism

One, the rate of corrosion from dental restorations increases because of the electric current in your mouth. Slowly but surely small microscopic bits of metal (ions) are filling your mouth with toxic residues from your dental restorations.

Eventually these ions find a home to cause all sorts of havoc to your body. Your immune system is on overload just trying to clean this mess up but eventually succumbs to the overburden of toxins resulting in disease.

Two, some people have violent reactions to the electrical currents in their mouth. That might explain why some people have unexplained pain or inflammation without knowing the cause.

Effect on your brain

The larger concern is what if the galvanism directs the electrical currents into your brain. This could cause serious problems with your own brains natural electrical current. As I have stated in my E-Book, it is wise to remove all the metal from your mouth because of all the toxic byproducts being produced inside your body. Your body is on “Toxic Overload.” That is why disease eventually takes over when the immune system has been compromised.

Is Mercury Really That Dangerous?

Yes, mercury is a very powerful poison. It is the most toxic naturally occurring substance on earth. It is far more poisonous than lead, arsenic, and cadmium. The body has no need for mercury and there is NO safe or harmless level of it. Even one atom of it will do damage to your body. It has been scientifically proven that highly toxic elemental mercury is released from amalgam silver dental fillings as a vapor and will, over time, accumulate in your body.

Mercury depletes your Antioxidant level

The body does have the ability to remove mercury but in doing so the antioxidants the body uses to remove mercury, other heavy metals, and other toxic substances, are eliminated in the removal process. Eventually the depletion of these important antioxidants means that the body can no longer remove all of the mercury it is exposed to. (Now you know why you need to supplement with the “Antioxidant Blend”) At this point, it will begin to build up in your body, eventually resulting in numerous symptoms relating to chronic mercury poisoning.

There are many factors that determine how much mercury is released from amalgam fillings and how much will accumulate in your body. Thus, the damage done by mercury will vary from person to person. Even after you have had your poisonous amalgam fillings removed, there will still be mercury in your body and it will continue to negatively affect your health until it is removed. But make no mistake, if mercury is stored in your body you are suffering from chronic mercury poisoning, even if you do not yet have observable symptoms. The fact is that mercury can directly, and indirectly, contribute to or make worse, just about any symptom or health problem you could have.

How to Safely Remove Mercury Amalgams

The first step is removing the mercury amalgams in your mouth by an experienced trained dentist who specializes in removals. Simply removing them is NOT a safe method. There is actually a science to this process. Dozens of dentists throughout the country have dedicated themselves to learning exactly how to do this safely and with the least amount of adverse effects.

How do I find a Dentist who
specializes in removing the amalgams?

In the book “Tooth Truth”, Dr. Frank Jerome, goes into detail with the problems of modern dentistry. One chapter of his book is devoted to finding a mercury free dentist. Please read his book to educate yourself on this important topic. You will be glad that you did.

Mercury free dentists are still rare. If you are in a small town you will probably have to drive to a major city to find a dentist who specializes in safe mercury removal. There are websites that will help you find a dentist in your area that is mercury free. Here is one you should try.

Most Americans Have Mercury Amalgams

An estimated 85 percent of Americans have at least one mercury filling (each filling being approximately 50 percent mercury) and most have several mercury amalgams. The constant off-gassing of mercury suppresses normal immune function by up to 88 percent when compared to a non-mercury burdened body.

The presence of mercury, aluminum and other heavy metals such as cadmium and lead can cause a virtual breeding ground for yeast, fungi, parasites and pathogens in our digestive tracts. Removing these metals and going on a yeast elimination diet today can resolve many common health problems.

How Can I tell if I have Mercury Poisoning?
Get a Urine Analysis

To check for the presence of heavy metals, many people still go by hair analysis. However, most experts on heavy metal poisoning have determined that a urine analysis is more accurate since urinary porphyrins reveal the presence of mercury and other toxic metals by evaluating the porphyrin pathway.

Your doctor can do the test for you or you can do a self-test. Below is a website that tests for heavy metals- aluminum, mercury, cadmium and lead for a cost of $80 per test.

How do I Remove Mercury from my Body?

Probably, one of the most effective “Natural Products” that safely remove mercury and other heavy metals is “Zeolite.”What is a "Zeolite?" Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure. It's honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping, heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolites act as magnets drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage and removing them from the body.

How does Zeolite attract mercury or other heavy metals? Zeolite is negatively charged while mercury and other heavy metals are positively charged, thus they are drawn to each other. Activated liquid zeolite is used primarily to remove heavy metals and other toxins efficiently and safely from our bodies, significantly reducing our toxic body-burden. If you have “mercury amalgams” in your mouth you need Zeolite to help your body remove the accumulated heavy metal burden! While Zeolite safely removes the mercury and other heavy metals from your body the “Antioxidant Blend” will build your immune system.

Who Makes Zeolite?

Waiora, a manufacturer of health products, makes the best form of Zeolite called "Natural Cellular Defense." Why is Waiora's Zeolite product better than the others?

Because although all zeolites, in their naural form are created equal, not all zeolites are created equal when they are delivered in the final product.

In their natural form, zeolites do what nature intended - they soak up toxins from the environment around them. This means that raw, inactivated zeolite is ineffective for human use, since it is already "full" of toxins. That is why “Natural Cellular Defense" undergoes a stringent activation process in a controlled laboratory environment that "cleans" the zeolite so it can safely and effectively remove heavy metals and toxins from the human body.

Why is Waiora's "Natural Cellular Defense"
Better than all the Rest?

Waiora uses a highly intensive process to clear existing contaminates out of the zeolite leaving - the final product – “Natural Cellular Defense” - the cleanest and purest on the market. It is the most effective zeolite sold on the market. That is why I recommend this product for supplementation in My “60-Day Planner.”

Has "Natural Cellular Defense"
been independently tested?

"Natural Cellular Defense" is the only zeolite clinically proven to safely and effectively remove heavy metals from the body. To view the published study on "Natural Cellular Defense" in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, please visit:

Why Do You Recommend this Product?

Why do You recommend this product so highly? This is the easiest form to detox your body that I have found. I recommend you carry this small bottle around with you as you supplement with Alkaline Water every few hours. This will keep your detox going deeper and deeper into your body where it can get at all the heavy metals hiding in your tissues. You will need a therapeutic dosage for your entire “60-Day Planner” to remove all your heavy metals.

I recommend getting a heavy metal test before and after “My 60-Day Planner” to see the progress you have made. After the “60-Day Planner” you may only need smaller regular dosages as maintenance.

How do I Purchase “Natural Cellular Defense.”?

Below is information on purchasing Waiora's “Natural Cellular Defense.” When purchasing this product you have two choices. The first choice is to purchase the product directly at retail price, which runs about $155 for a 3-bottle pack. The second choice is to become a member and buy the product at wholesale prices (from $103.57 to $130 for a 3-bottle pack plus commissions). This second choice allows you as a member to earn money by making purchases and recommending this product to others.

“Natural Cellular Defense”

To purchase your “Natural Cellular Defense” at retail prices click on the “ORDER TODAY” button. If you are interested in joining Waiora” and purchasing your products at wholesale you may become a distributor. To become a Waiora” distributor click on the “JOIN TODAY” button. You will save 15-25% off the retail prices but included in your purchase is a one-time distributor charge of $ 29.95. The distributor charge is to defray the cost of the “New Membership Kit.”

Don’t Purchase this now because Chapter 11 guides you through your purchases under “My Checklist.”

Benefits of joining Waiora

As a distributor you will receive many benefits without doing any additional work.

Save 15-25% off retail. This saves you money even if you don’t refer any customers to your account.
• Earn profits on your referred customer orders
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• You receive your own website page to check on your “Back Office”. Your “Back Office” includes volume checking, product reference sheets, business forms, order and tracking information and Company news.

See Addendum #1 Ordering from Waiora

How much “Natural Cellular Defense.” is
Needed on My “60-Day Planner?”

I recommend at least 9 bottles (or three 3-Packs) for your “60-Day Planner” at the therapeutic dosage. However, this will only cover about two months of usage. If you are becoming a distributor the better plan would be to join at the “PaceSetter” and purchase a full year’s supply of “Natural Cellular Defense” (18 bottles or 6 3-Packs) at a cost of only $108 per 3-Pack. Removal of your heavy metals is key to “Restoring Your Health.” In order to build your immune system you must eliminate the stored toxins in your tissues. “Natural Cellular Defense.” can remove toxins naturally without over stimulating your weakened immune system.

Don’t purchase anything yet. See Chapter 11: Getting Started Back to Health for information on ordering equipment and supplements for your “60-Day Planner”. You will be purchasing two products from Waiora: “Natural Cellular Defense” and EDN (Essential Daily Nutrition).

Is there anything more I can do to remove the heavy metals in my body? Yes, some supplements work well together to boost your immune response against mercury and other heavy metals. I recommend adding these supplements, in addition to “Natural Cellular Defense,” and Antioxidant Blend. The supplements taken together will boost your Antioxidant level and increase your immune response to the heavy metals like mercury in your body.

Optional: Additional supplements
for removing heavy metals

There are supplements that show promise in removing heavy metals from your body. We have included a list of supplements that combined together help the body remove heavy metals. You will only need to purchase 4 out of the 10 listed because the Antioxident Blend includes four. Below are the most important supplements that will assist in your body’s ability to excrete mercury and other heavy metals:

Vitamin C [Ester-ascorbate; or Ascorbic Acid)
Already included in “Antioxidant Blend”

Lipoic Acid
Already included in “Antioxidant Blend”

Vitamin B-12 [methylcobalamin] (purchase)

Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) (purchase)

Already included under your supplements

Already included under “Antioxidant Blend”

Melatonin (purchase)

Methionine (purchase)

Provided in your Raw Eggs, and vegetables, not necessary to supplement

If you combine these supplements with Waiora's “Natural Cellular Defense,” you will add an additional level to detoxify your body quickly and pave your way to better health sooner. These supplements are available at Swanson Vitamins or your favorite natural health store. Sometimes the best approach is combining your efforts. If cost is not an issue do both plans. If cost is an issue I recommend “Natural Cellular Defense”.

Is Fungus Causing
Your Health Problems

In most cases fungus has invaded your body and your Doctor doesn't know. Why? Your Doctor has not been trained in Mycology. In most cases he treats your symptoms as a bacterial infection. If you are being treated with an antibiotic and you have a fungal infection your symptoms will get worse because "fuel is being added to fire."

Antibiotic is a fungal mycotoxin that treats only bacterial infections. Do not take an antibiotic if you have a fungal infection. Read my E-Book - How to Restore Your Health from Cancer to learn the proper steps to take from Nutrition, Supplementation, Exercise, and Detox.

What Diseases Are Caused by Fungus?

Almost all major diseases or illnesses can be caused by fungus. Below is a partial list of some conditions that likely is related to fungus.

Autoimmune Disease
Digestive Disorders
Ear Disorders
Eye Diseases
Hair Loss
Heart Disease
Hormone Problems
Mental Illness
Pain or Inflammation
Sinus Infection
Skin Diseases
Throat Illness
Weight Gain

How do you know you have a fungus infection? Go on the Anti- Cancer Diet and follow "My 60-Day Planner" in my E-Book . In as little as 30 days you should see remarkable results in your health by following a diet that starves the fungus while feeding your body with anti-fungal foods.