How to Live to 100

How to Live to 100.  Living to 100 years old is easier then you might think. Most people think that genetics plays a role in how old we will live.  

"My Dad lived to 80 so I probably will live to that age too."  Most people fall into this trap that heredity determines how old you will live.  While your heredity will guide you towards this path, it is up to you, whether to take this path.  What does that mean?  You can follow the same road your Dad took or you can change your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise routine to enhance your longevity.

I have researched health and well being for the past twenty years and have discovered three keys to longevity.  What are these three keys?

              Proper Digestion and Gut Health

             Nutrition - Eating and Drinking the best raw foods on earth

             Exercise- for proper body strengthening and detoxification

Without the foundation of good "Gut Health" your body cannot take in the nutitional foods and convert them into vital life force energy your cells needed for good health and longevity.  Do you have the proper balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut?  Are you having between 3-4 bowel movements a day?  Are you taking a good probiotic supplement to boost your good bacteria?